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June 24, 2010


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amen! it's been a week and a half ... race you to the finish line!!

Those are all beautiful.

That first piece is so, so beautiful. Loving the greys and pinks.

these are soothing and the line work is quite beautiful. hang in there, the week is almost over!

groundwork kills me! she is just so good.
hopefully you will get some relaxation and fun this weekend ~ yay for friday :)

So gorgeous!
I especially love the umbrella!


These all do have a very calming effect, you are so right about that!
I hope you have a super splendid weekend! I am excited to relax and enjoy!!!

these images are gorgeous! i love #2 and #3!

i hope you manage to relax and have fun this weekend! do it! :)

i especially love the last photo, how great it is to read a book under a tree!

Have a great weekend!

Oh gosh that doesn't sound like a good week at all. I hope this one coming up is better for you Sam!

These pieces are sublime! Thanks for introducing me to this artist. I'm off to check out the shop now!

O my goodness! Thank you for sharing these, Sam. "I'm sorry but you were holding me back" is just redolent with melancholy and sweetness for me. I must have it!

these are lovely.

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