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June 06, 2010


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Wow! They look really big-and quite creepy! A bit like crows too. An impressive sight! Shame about the trees though!

I love bats! These winged wonders have the capacity to devour as many a 1000 mosquitoes a night - taking care of the awful flying vermin. I do enjoy looking at bats as the nightfall descends upon us. To merely persuade the bats to find another domicile is not a bad thing... beautiful animals set upon a lovely capture!

How fascinating! Great shots, too! Would love to see it for myself! Hope your weekend is going well, Sam! Enjoy!


Fantastic, we certainly dont get bats flying around where I live. They give an almost eerie look to the shot, almost fightening :-) Great Shot

We have the same problem with bats in Melbourne. In Summer they fly over our house at night. You can set your clock by them.

Wow! What an incredible sight seeing them flying about like that. They are such noisy critters! Gazillions of them reside in the bushland right next to my house and they drive me bonkers with all of their carrying on during the night. I'd like to move them on by creating some loud noises but the council here discourages us from doing that. Damn it! AND they eat my passionfruits! Cheeky little buggers. Next thing I know they'll be raiding my fridge and borrowing my CDs for their wild and crazy all-night partying...

That was a rant and a half. Sorry about that! Have a great week Sam. I hope the weather improves for you guys this week. You've had a shocker of a week by all reports. We've been quite lucky here in Brisbane so far this winter. Cold, but the days have been nice. It's early days though! xo

You title sure caught my attention!
I did not think of bats and was looking for fuzzy fox tails ;-) Nice photos - lovely background added interest!


We saw the fruit bats last year when we were on holiday, and saw the damage they are doing. At least the are only being moved on, and not culled

they are rather large appearing...can't imagine the sky being full of them...yuck...but great shot!!

l dislike bats but love these imagesx lynda

Very cool!

Those are HUGE!! Wow...I am so intrigued. I am freaked out by bats but I like them at the same time. very cool photos, wonderful captures. what a sight!!

Great shots! I love bats. I would LOVE to see how you would capture them with your art!

did you take those photos?? love them xo

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