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June 27, 2010


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The littlest spider and a huge cruise ship could not be more different in size and temperament. Yet both are equally imposing in this great frame! I haven't yet been on a cruise, although the scale of imposing size seems best to see in person! Nice harbor view. Enjoy the week!

Marvelous, fun and creative shadow shot, Sam! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


Looks like a pretty day. Cool spider, I might not have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it!

A lot going on in your picture. Great capture of the spider.

Lovin' the spider action Sam! Even though I'm not a great fan of the creepy crawlies. It must be lovely to look out into the harbour during summer to see all the ships!

Hope you've enjoyed the weekend so far Sam. And have yourself a super dooper week ahead! xo

yes quite a bit is happening in your photo...favorite part is the spider web. i love capturing those.

I do love to see a cruise ship! They occassionally come up the Thames-to Grennwich. There is talk of building a special landing place for them at Woolwich-though it might be a strange place for cruise customers to get off at!

I used to work in the shop at the Wellington Botanical Gardens. And on weekends when cruise ships were docked in the harbour, we were completely flat out!

At first i thought it was a man para-sailing!
( you know... that parachute sail thingie, not sure what they call it these days...)


Very cool shot! I quite like watching spiders spin their webs.

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