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June 22, 2010


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You did an AMAZING job on the Siamese. I love them too and they are insanely chatty...soo silly. I love this drawing so much!
And the lady is stunning too of course. Love seeing your new illustrations!!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

I love the cat portrait-I like the way they tuck their legs underneath them like that. Andy's family always have siamese-apart from us-we have moggies-and they are chatty. They are lovely cats-lots of personality!

Those eyES!
The countess is staring in disbelief it seems~
Well done Sam darling!!


Beautiful work, darling S!
Love the Countess!

Gave you a little link love today:


I like the kitty!! I vote for more animal portraits!! :)

Love the kitty! I always think my kitty looks like a loaf of bread like that- so compact.

And the woman is so fabulous! I love the sheer bow and how you used the icy blue color to emphasize her personality.

You should do more animal portraits Sam. Blue Eyes is awesome! The Countess is lovely too. A nice creative weekend you had then! And yay for donating to the Help The Gulf Coast shop. It's such a great cause. Hope you're having a super week so far Sam :)

oh, you're good sam!

You have purrfectly captured a look that my 'Jenna' used to give me. She spent her 17 years on this earth, being an extremely important part of my life. I still miss her, and it's been 8 years since she left. Don't know about all Siamese cats...but she had a charming personality and a loud voice.

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