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May 02, 2010


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Great shadow shot and and interesting building! Hope your weekend is going well, Sam! Enjoy!


It seems odd - the architect couldn't figure how windows might offset the plain character so he substituted oddly placed bricks. Mot that I would advise an architect how to do his job...odd details, indeed!

I'm not sure that the architect was responsible for the odd design. I think what may have happened was that somebody stuffed up and ordered too many bricks for the job so the builders thought they'd just stick some randomly on the side of the building. Just to use them up so they wouldn't have to cart them back in their trucks.

I actually really like the look of it. They look like little bugs crawling along the side of the building leaving shadowy trails behind them :)

PS - I have visited the art gallery in Sydney but don't remember much about it as the visit was kind of rushed. The Melbourne one I do remember as I was able to spend more time enjoying it. And yes, the Melbourne one was amazing! I think you'd really like GoMA in Brissy. You MUST visit Sam! Prior to GoMA being built a few years back, art culture in Brissy was a very sad state of affairs. We finally have a vibrant and recognised art scene. Just took a long time to get there...

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend xo

GĀ“nite, girl?
Sorry for not being prompt this past few weeks. U know, life is full of misery and all hush of life?

Anyhow, I never 4get U and other bloggie friends in heart.

It seems this moderst deco is a wall climbing thing? Very simple yet elegant. Imagine my wall is like this. Pretty...

Hugs on our great SS w/end.
/chie 4evah

Gorgeous shot, darling!


hmmmm...strange but i like it!! have a lovely sunday!!

I really like that decoration. It is very tasteful.

What a quirky building! I love its almost Braille-design.

Really interest post! As for me, I've come to realise that I am definitely in the Victorian more is more camp regarding decorations :)

I'm sure the shadows look different from different times of the interesting!!

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