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May 09, 2010


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He has a look of mean in person in the sunlight. Yet in shadow seems less lifelike, more the look of an imaginative artist. Tough looking with an artistic elegance whether animal, human or an odd combination of the two, the shadow points the way to a beautiful sky. Excellent captures!

Well, he's an interesting looking fellow whatever he is, but since he looks to be carrying a pitchfork, I think I'll keep my distance!! Great post for the day, Sam!! Thanks for stopping by! Those mountains are the Cascade Mountains between Washington and Oregon and I caught this shot at a place about five minutes from our house. I spend a lot time at the park there. Have a great weekend!


Terrific Shadow Shot. Lots of good info that I did not know too!

I think ur post is more frightening then the thing itself!

I cant really see the goat reference. It looks like its got webs between its toes. And is that a snake between its legs??! Ok, it is actually kinda scary.
Where did u see it?

I like it...and it seems so dramatic!

By the way, I would like to give thanks to your mom who gave birth to you, because of her I met you and you become part of my life. Give her my warmest greetings...

Happy Mother’s Day!

What a problem you had how to call your picture or the statue... :) for me statue would have been enough (even if it's not 'correct')

Happy SSS greetings from Casablanca!

Have a great week ahead!

You're very clever to know so much about such things. All I know is that I'm glad that ugly looking thing is sitting on top of my house!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend so far Sam.

The public holiday last Monday was for Labour Day but I think it was only in Qld. I'm not sure why we had a day off and you guys didn't. "Qld - the lazy arsed state of Oz" ;D

It's getting a bit chilly now. Finally dragged out the oh-so-attractive trackies and winter jammies :) Keep warm and have a great week Sam xo

Am not frighten at all. Like the catch of your shadow though subtle. Just use your mind and thoughts and there you got what am looking for.

Ty a mill for a never ending visit at my place.

Hugs to you, girl!

"eeeck...errr mommy i'm scared!"
they do frighten me especially at night when I pass by...many of them in Paris. I rather see angels or Mickey mouse?!
Great new week to you Sam!!

super cool shots and statues...ever since going to rome i am soo obsessed with statues...they amaze me..i appreciate the art of sculpture so much.
i used to like that show gargoyles when i was a kid..hahaha...kinda freaky creatures tho!
happy weekend to you!!!

Grim gargoyle
guarding the church-top—
wake, watchman!

Shadows everywhere:
If Wisteria…
Shadowy descanso

Great shadow shots!

Spider Bite Incident

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