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May 11, 2010


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They're beautiful - I love Hollywood Siren. You're amazing!

I'm in love with them both, but I think I need Debutante to join Nancy and Elizabeth up on my wall....

Yay for it being Tuesday :)

These are absolutely gorgeous, darling!


They are both so lovely! I love where you're going with your new thing :)

These girls are so beautiful and sexy! wishing you a lovely happy merry week! Eventho it's just tuesday, i am already looking forward to weekend! Love to you!

Both look great. And yes, what was with Monday ... barely survived. Barely surviving Tuesday.

These are both lovely. The dresses are great! I especially like the debutante. What do you use-is it pastels or chalk? Some kind of pen? I always wonder!

nuts, i tell ya, nuts. i love your ladies!!!

Oh, these are just gorgeous! The top one totally reminds me of Myrna Loy!

Oooh I like both these Sam. Especially the top one. I'm wild about her hair!!!

"limped through the horror of Monday" haha. I like that. Unless you were limping due to a fall on the way to work or something. Then I shouldn't laugh...

All the best for the remainder of the week Sam. It's almost over :)

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