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May 03, 2010


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he he! that saying is so true.

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love your pin-up!


Glorious harbor view Sam! I can almost feel the breeze~~~*
another great work; 'deadly woman' pose...loving the floral prints~ details like that make it so CHARMING!

How did you know what I looked like to draw me as femme fatale? (Kidding - I only wish I looked like that). Love her! And your photos of the boat race in the harbor are fantastic!

I can never get thru my To Do list either($#%@ dammit)!

Love the red sails!

Love both those newbies Sam! I feel the urge to listen to some Velvet Underground now. Haven't felt that urge for a while...

Those boats are cool! Especially seeing the city in the background! What a lovely walk you had! It's weekends such as those that do make Mondays all the more tricky. As if the dreaded day isn't already tricky enough to face! Well it's almost the weekend again already. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

She is amazing!!! do you look like your women you draw...cause if you do, you are stunning...hehe. they ALWAYS make me want to cut my hair, dye it black and wear bright blush...i just love the look sooo much. you are so talented as i`ve said a million times but i mean it! love your work. :D

I love your illustrations!! Do you sell them somewhere??

Loving Femme Fatale... you're doing some lovely work.
*is jealous*

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