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May 31, 2010


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hello friend! love the plate wall. that owl kept looking at me! also your crustacean cafe was so pretty. I love how you make the girls' hair look so soft and luxurious. it is a holiday weekend for us, so we are having a super lazy sunday. hope you had a fab sunday!

Beautiful shot dear Sam! I adore the red background with the black and white decor. Wishes for a great new week to you and yours!

Congrats on qualifying, darling!


i was much later than usual on getting into the shadow shots myself. you are do get two for the price of one photo...very nice.

This is lovely Sam! At first glance it reminded me of a Christmas tree! I'm loving these shadowy reflective window shots of yours! And it allows me to go window shopping in Sydney without the expense of an airfare :)

It's winter tomorrow! Aaaarrrggh! I hope you're keeping warm and have a nice collection of snuggly beanies ready for the cold months ahead xo

oooh yes I do like those plates...Fornasetti's the favs of his are the Adam and Eve ones...half a dozen plates for each of them that go down the wall to make up a male and female figure... Gosh yes have just looked at the news (don't often do that) and you've sure had some rain down there. Hope you're staying dry and warm and snuggly. Thank you dear Sam for your well wishes...I really appreciate them.

I believe the plates are by Fornasetti, one of my faves! haha...I adore Christina's obsessions with wall plates~

Dearest Sam, this is such a gorgeous photo and i love plate walls! WoW i'm loving Chistina's blog! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

I love that photo. It looks great. Have a fantastic week.

love the colors, love the reflections, and who doesn't love two for the price of one! :)

these are awesome plates, i want them all. especially the owl. great shot. did i mention i want that plate wall...hehe, love it, so stylish!

amazing! thanks so much for letting me know about this. it needs to be added to the collection. fantastic!

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