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April 12, 2010


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Well I must say I LOVE Geraldine!!! And its so wonderful she gave her gift of therapy! Awesome, that makes her even more special, hehe. anyhoos she rocks.
Paula is my mom's name so of course I'm fond of her..and she's totally rocking the monocle.
And again if I chop my hair short and dye it black, I will blame you...hahahahaha...i will. ;)
I watched 4 movies this weekend...woo..first was the Dr.Parnassus one (pretty weird & cool),Food Inc (depressing but reality), Endless Summer(from 1966, about surfing and they actually were in Melbourne surfing in a part of it..hee, cool movie) & Sex Crimes & the Vatican (very disturbing).
Yikes sorry for this long comment, I wish you an awesome week!!

Lovely new drawings! Art Deco Chloe is especially divine :) I watched both of those movies last week too. We must be on the same wavelength. Although I love Ricky Gervais, I wasn't too keen on The Invention of Lying. It was a bit more serious that I thought it would be, almost sad in a way, and like you I didn't think Jennifer Garner looked very good in this movie. I did like The Informant(!). Matt Damon was really great paired with Soderbergh's genius. Have a happy week Sam!

how funny, i watched the invention of lying this weekend and well and was pretty unimpressed. the film was just ok- i felt like it could have been a lot funnier and perhaps more thoughtful.
geraldine is fantastic. concentrating on such small detail is also incredibly relaxing for me.

Paula is great. Love the menswear and monocle!


Yay for art therapy!
Gorgeous illustrations, darling!

Must see The Informant...


I'm back blogging, too!! And currently waiting for pictures to upload on my own blog -- you'll have to check them out!! I also thought the Invention of Lying left something to be desired ... I found it a bit gauche, too, I guess ... it just seems that there's a difference between always telling the truth and telling all the truth all the time ... hmmm.

hehe...I'm trying to imagine you being crabby! I adore your newbies Sam! I haven't seen those movies. I'll have to check them out sometime. It's great to see you back into regular blogging again! My computer time is still all out of whack & I'm trying to settle back into a routine... it's taking a while... :)

Such beautiful new creations Sam, I adore 'Art Deco Chloe' and your description of art therapy!

Ooh, such a charming set of drawings! Geraldine, Chloe and Paula are all fabulous. :)

I think Ricky Gervais is hilarious as well, but I haven't attempted watching that movie because the reviews (from trusted sources, such as yourself!) haven't been so good.

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