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April 26, 2010


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Oh what a sweet drawing! I still utterly adore my Art Deco Darling in a red dress - I look at her every day :)

What a good idea about the "detective romp" - it sometimes gets hard to do much work when you're reading an unputdownable book!

Oh I absolutely adore this! So true!

I too always conjure up amazing pictures in my head, much better than any movie could depict, oh I love reading x

you depiction of reading is pretty perfect. i've been having a hard time sitting with a book for longer than 30 minutes so i definitely need books i can put down and pick up quickly.

Dear Sam, she is gorgeous and i LOVE this panting! My new favorite painting. :) I love to read too and i always have a book with me everywhere i go. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

oh i love it!! everytime you come up with more work i so wish i could have more arms ;p

i love a good read as well. I hope you don't get too dizzy on your bus rides!

What a beautiful addition to your collection Sam. Just to let you know, I've written a feature on your work on my blog.


Beautiful work, Sam! I love the detailing on her blouse and the great things she's imagining. :)

This may be my favorite of your pieces! I love it.

And I know how it is when you're reading a book you just hate to put down! And the whole day you're half-there at work, school, dinner and half back at the book. Very disorienting!

Another amazing drawing Sam! I like to read at the bus stop also because then I'm less likely to notice (& be annoyed) at how late the bus is!

I love this one Sam. I used to read so much more when I didn't drive and went to work on the bus. Well-I used to read or sleep-I can't do either in the car!

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