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April 11, 2010


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These sculptures are stunning with detailed shapes! So classical and impressive!

Fascinating, interesting post and terrific shadow shots for the day, Sam! Very impressive sculptures! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


I am learning more and more about Oz every Sunday! Au is a place I would love to visit, and follow the coastal cities from Adelaide to Brisbane. The country is as big as the lower 48 states in the US, but not so densely populated. I hope to visit some day, wheelchair included, although Patti would not prefer to fly the 13+ hours from California...

There must be a competitive spirit between the cities over there, much like in the US. I couldn't imagine that there is a great difference in style between any of her cities!

Had to laugh at the face on the 'cherub' - looks like it really hurts sitting on those rocks!! Good photos for SSS.

Very nice!

Beautiful shots Sam! I very much like your "Grand Melbourne" theory. It all makes perfect sense to me! Do you also have a theory as to why Melbourne serves the best coffee in Australia? There's great coffee all around Australia, but nothing beats drinking the stuff in Melbourne!

I had to giggle at your comment about how glamorous it must be to live on an island. The island I'm on is anything but glamorous but it has character :)

Have a lovely week Sam & I'm looking forward to seeing more pics from your Melbourne holiday!

WOW!!! These are absolutely beautiful...I adore fountains so much and these ones look magical and incredible. It's so great how you love learning the history of where you live...very intriguing,man I hope I can go there someday.
These are super sweet photos!!!
Hope you had a great weekend, Sam! :D

glad you had a good old time in melbourne!

I'm always interested in finding out a little history of Melbourne,

So happy to have you blogging!

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