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April 18, 2010


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Terrific shadow shot for the day, Sam -- as always! Love the trees! I hope you're having a great weekend and great weather as autumn moves into your part of the world!


This is a peaceful place to walk or contemplate - the big city does need a place of respite for us. To dwell on nature or whatever in this lovely mix of sun and shade. To slow down any urban excesses and allow us to be human again, if only for a little while. The grounds and foliage is beautiful!

perhaps you were a never knows...

Beautiful place for a walk!

Wonderful shadow shot dear Sam! I love seeing bits of your walks... next best thing to actually visiting I think.

Beautiful shot Sam! You may very well have been a poplar tree in a previous life. Who knows!?! Whenever I think of poplar trees I think of the 'Strange Fruit' song and associate poplar trees with sadness...

Moving right along to happier things...your giveway! I'm so glad that you mentioned it as I completely forgot to go check it out yesterday. Or the day before. Or whenever I was last here. It seems my memory is getting really really bad.

Have yourself a super week Sam! xo


That looks very peaceful!! Happy Sunday!


What a lovely lovely photo. It is a wonderful choice for Shadow Shot Sunday!

hix love this image. when ever l see poplar trees, l always think of France, where there are often avenues of these trees..beautifulxlynda

What an inviting shot! For a brief moment, I thought it was in Europe. Nice place to go for a stroll and then have some fresh brewed coffee and pastries.

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