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April 25, 2010


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Lovely, delightful shadow shots, Sam!! The gate is beautiful and so are the lamps and what great shadows they make! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


Nice shadows!

Lovely shadows!

Doing laundry - Old Style Shadows

The light fixtures may be made of strong iron, but the metal is formed wonderfully into a delicate, almost reptilian style. In a botanical world, we look at the flora and don't often notice things like the lights and gates of iron. Yet the man-made adds a wonderfully artistic air to the beautiful grounds...

Lovely. What a beautiful gate.

Wow, very cool!

Oh I love the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. It's such a fab place to while away a pretty Sunday.

It must be wonderful to stroll around those gardens. I haven't visited them, but hope to one day. Maybe the Sydney and Melbourne Botanic gardens are quite alike due to one of the designers being influenced by the other and copied a little bit?

An overcast Sunday for you Sam? It's been lovely here today but we've had quite a few wet days this week. It's still very warm and I'm still in t-shirts too! Winter may forget to visit us!

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend Sam! I hope you can squeeze some fab drawings into the extra time off :)

So Lovely Sam!
it's very old European I must say~ I'm glad the city has really taken good care of these wonderful objects! Super weekend darrrling*


The gate and lamp post are very beautiful - intricate and dark with shadow.

Happy SSS!

ooooo...these are cool shots, lovely architecture!!
i suck at shadow shot sunday lately..i just forget..I love it though and always check out the shots. I shall do one again real soon.
Hope you have an awesome week, Sam!!!

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