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April 28, 2010


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oh no, i haven't seen it but thanks for the recommendation. it needs to be added to my list.

Mid century GLORY!
I want to climb that staircase Sam!!

This such sounds like an amzing documentary! I do want to check it out! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

OH, I NEED TO SEE THIS! the pictures are so lovely, and they make you want to BE there. for reals. :)

Oh wow that last image is wild! I haven't seen the doco but will have to check it out sometime soon. And congrats on the lovely blog feature Sam! Hey it's almost the weekend. And it's another long one! Woohoo! Hope you enjoy it and have a pleasant Friday leading up to it :)

Must see this one!

Amazing stills!


I will definitely have to hunt it down, his work was amazing!

This sounds like a great documentary. I will look out for it!

Glorious work, and what a way to earn a living!

Oh Wowzer, I need to see this movie! gorgeous photos....thanks for sharing big time!!

I was so sad that I missed the showing of this in Atlanta. We were planning an overnight trip around the screening, but something came up and we couldn't make it. I cannot wait until it's out on DVD (although I still hope it will play at our bi-annual local indie film festival so I can see it on the big screen).

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