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March 14, 2010


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I love it, Sam!! I'd love to play there! And such fun shadows, too! Hope your weekend has been fun so far! Enjoy!


This looks like a fun little maze! Why not have a run through it! And love the fall of shadow over it!

Beautiful green!

Sunny Outdoor Shadows

A maze in green, people all seem to flock to these and take the plunge. Alas, I would be too short in the wheelchair, and would be lost in the thicket. It looks a bit complex, and we could imagine those that may get lost in this urban jungle even with only one way in and out. The spontaneity of jumping into it just because it's there is where the fun lies!

That is SOoo adorable! A mini-maze. Finally one of those things I might be able to find my way out of. Terrific Shadow Shot!

Wonderful shadows ....this maze is amazing.

whimsical! love it. thanks for sharing.

How cool is that...and be a kid as long as you can, it steals away so fast!

That is too blame fun ...I think you are great to do this everytime...does't pass by?

What fun dear Sam!! So I'm guessing no one's going to get lost and freeze to death in this one? (Shinning ref. here) :)

... I misspelled shining... :)

I want a mini maze near where I live! You have all the cool stuff Sam!

It's cooling down here in Brissy too! It's feeling autumnish already! I'm a bit over all the rain we've been having lately though. We have a drought for what seems like forever & then when it rains it doesn't know how to stop!

Hope everything with your dad goes ok. You'll have a lovely week spent with him I'm sure! And he'll enjoy it!

Beautiful! How fun!

That is such a sweet little story about the mini maze, Sam. It makes me want to run around it (or hop over the hedges if I get lost) too!

What a treasure it is...darling you must find out the story behind it...

i would definitely want to run around it as well! what a lovely thing to have so close.

ooh i do like this one. At first I was thinking that horrible scene in the shining where the little boy is running through the maze while Jack Nicholson is after him EEK!! Bu this one is quite lovely, as long as I can find my way out.

Super cool interesting. i went in a maze similar to this before but not so tiny. i would run through it all the time just like you..hehe.
have a great week!

I love mazes! There was one near my holiday house growing up but it was a private property and I always wanted to run through it!

Oh, and I'll def let you know when my etsy goes up. I am quite excited about it!

Oh my! Where is that, I want to visit it right now?!

I love the story Sam!
Anything mini is simply so cuuute!
O'dear, I'm so eloquent with my vocabularies huh?! CUTE*

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