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March 28, 2010


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These birds seem as if they are a permanent part of the tree. Sitting as a group, they follow the contour of each limb, rising and falling. Perhaps they were waiting for a passerby to capture the great looking flock there...They were prepared for the one photo artist to capture them here before even considering to go back to doing what cormorants do best, whatever it may be...

This one is really extraordinary. I would love to use it as a screen saver.

interesting image.xlynda

Cormorants are quite social fellows aren't they? But that said, they seem to be ignoring YOU!!! This is a fine Shadow Shot!

What a super great idea! I'll have to see about pulling my camera out :)

A wonderful photo. Those birds certainly did arrange themselves in an artful manner, and you captured it beautifully!

Love!!! These birds are nuts, never seen that kind before. I have been such a slacker with taking photos lately, shame on me. I will get back into it soon..I hope. I need to invest in a better camera...excuses..hehe.
Hope your have a great week!!

Wasn't it good of them to pose for you! Sounds like the perfect place to chill out...

reminded me of Chinese calligraphy at first glance! Gorgeousss...

Beautiful shot! I love Cormorans. It's so fun to watch them dive. They don't live in my area, but they breed in the Cedar Keys (Florida), where I got married. I did a post about the birds there last summer (You may have already read it):

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