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March 29, 2010


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Staying in is the new going out. At least in my books....

How about the patron saint of cheese? I'm a little hungry you see, the only thing I could come up with :P

Enjoy your week xx

I think the parrot is very jaunty, and I always love a good patron saint. My suggestions for the next are the Patron Saint of Penguins, or the Patron Saint of Seahorses.

Your butterflies are beautiful! Love this series of Patron Saints.

I often do a similar cocooning thing - Robert and I like to stay home watching shows and movies while doing jigsaw puzzles. :) It almost feels like visual/information overload, but it's just so indulgent for the brain!

so pretty, that first one would be a great gift for an entomologist. scientists are sexy n'est ce pas? it is starting to warm up in cali too, although we are always in the middle of some idyllic weather, who am I kidding! stay cool:)

She is beautiful...I love your Patron Saints so much.
I love secluding myself like that too sometimes, I love just being by myself and doing my own thing, watching movies, reading. I'm so much more of an introvert than an extro. I can't get bored, there is so much I want to learn and watch etc etc..
I wish I drew!
Have a Great Week!!!

It's always so exciting when you post your new works, Sam! The Patron Saint of Butterflies is absolutely fantastic! And I cannot wait to see more parrots:) XO - Marsi

Lovely Sam!
All the butterflies are trying to land on her head it seems~~~*
Have a creative & fab new week darling!!

Oh! I love your Patron Saint of Butterflies! Great work!!!

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