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March 24, 2010


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Wow...sooo cool!!! I never seen black swans before, weird.
At my grandparents farm when i was a kid I used to walk to this little pond and it seemed so magical and there always just one beautiful swan all by was like a fantasty world. Swans are beautiful and they seem so gentle..unless they decide to chase you...hhahaha.
oh i guess there are no swans, but still. ;)

oh btw i have never posted on my manbeasts's art, he is doesn't have stuff that he puts online, he needs to get with the time..hehe. He took an animation course and is now in a professional illustration course. He just needs help getting his stuff on the nets, I suppose I should help him. He is good in a lot of different styles and is massive art book collector. anyhoo blahblah..haha, hope your hump day is a good one!!

wow, what a special thing to encounter and then photograph. amazing! the little grey fur is too cute (i bet it's so soft)

I love it! The little ones are so cute.

Black swans! They are so elegant. I think they match your lady's well. I smell a drawing :)

Awww bless! Their grey fluffy feathers!!!!

they are just adorable! there is hardly anything cuter than baby birds.

You do meet some lovely types on your walks dear! When I read your note about spring chicks of course I had to go and research. Didn't find much about breeding times but thought you'd enjoy these tidbits!

Generally, black swans nest in the wetter winter months (February to September), occasionally in large colonies. A typical clutch contains 4 to 8 greenish-white eggs that are incubated for about 35-40 days. After hatching, the cygnets are tended by the parents for about 6 months until fledging, and may ride on their parent's back for longer trips into deeper water.
A Black Swan nest is essentially a large heap or mound of reeds, grasses and weeds between 1 and 1.5 metres (3-4½ feet) in diameter and up to 1 metre high, in shallow water or on islands. A nest is reused every year, restored or rebuilt as needed. Both parents share the care of the nest. Like other swans, the black swan is largely monogamous, pairing for life (about 6% divorce rate). Recent studies have shown that around a third of all broods exhibit extra-pair paternity. An estimated one-quarter of all pairings are homosexual, mostly between males. They steal nests, or form temporary threesomes with females to obtain eggs, driving away the female after she lays the eggs. []

SO Cute!!

sam, have you ever read the children's book "make way for ducklings"?? i am sure you would absolutely love it. it's set in boston (!!) and won a caldecott medal (america's highest award for children's book illustrations) in 1942. in boston today there are statues of the little ducklings (and mama) from the book. you must read it if you can!!

The swan family is so sweet! What a great encounter.

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