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March 01, 2010


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Sweet little blue birds! Hah, you're not the *last* one to watch that movie - I haven't seen it yet! :)

I'm glad it was just a tsunami warning...what's happening to the world lately, it seems devastation after another~ hope the world isn't coming to an end soon?! Anyway, Coco had the best looking & cozy huge sofa don't you think?
Lovely new week Sam! ~peace*


As always, love your drawing and especially anything bird related. Loved Coco before Chanel. Audrey was fantastic.

Hope all is well and it's just a warning!

I love your drawings, Sam!

Hey Sam,

I love your birdy painting. What a wonderful title.

I love Coco Avant Chanel - I actually went to the Australian Premiere! Isn't Audrey Tatou just so charming?

I love your drawings. beautiful blue birds!!

Was the movie happy? I am always a little afraid of biopics.

And I just adore your painting! It would make any room happy.

Coca was certainly a gutsy woman...there are lots of them about tho...hah...just look at us! Love all your bird drawings. Could easily get carried away with them and cover a whole wall! And yes, here the tsunami was just a bit of excitement (I did gather my bag, phone charger, and drugs together tho just in case!) but I feel sadness for those who are going through hardship. It's an unequal world we live in...I wonder why we got to be living in such a fabulous place...we're verrry lucky.

i still have to see this film! it is on my list for this week. love the birdies and I am so glad nothing came out of the tsunami warning. off to rent Coco :)

No, you're not the last person on earth to have watched that movie Sam. I've not seen it yet! One day...

Your new drawing is so sweet and I love the long title!

Hope you're having nice weather in Sydney this week. It's been overcast and icky all week here in Brissy. I've enjoyed it! A perfect first week for autumn!

Your bird drawing is truly beautiful Sam! Also, glad to know you enjoyed Coco Avant Chanel - probably one of my favourite foreign films lately.

So happy to know that the tsunami was a warning and nothing more. That movie looks interesting...i have not watch it yet! I adore coco's style.

Look at that beautiful's gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy friday and love to you!

You must be the second last person to see CoCo, because I'm still yet to see it, and dying to.

I did take myself off to see Bright Star last week though, and that was lovely!

We were waiting for the tsunami too. Phew!

you're not the last. i just got it on dvd and will watch this week.

I love this drawing! So graceful.

I still haven't seen Coco Avant Chanel either. I really must.

Oh love your sweet birds. And Coco Chanel, love her too. sorry I havent been by lately to see your lates creations but have been away form blogging for a few months. Now I have to do some serious shopping. My nieces have taken all your lovely art that I had collected. They fell in love with it and I couldnt resist!

Hi darling Sam!
Hope you are doing well~
Take care & xo as always!

your artwork is simply beautiful! i love the fluidity and femininity. just lovely! i was much inspired by this film as well. the fashion show towards the end is especially terrific:) best wishes to you!
xoxo, juliette

such a cute bird!

Im going to get a tattoo with the third bird in this picture, this is one of the most beautiful draws i've ever seen in my life! Ill send you a picture :) thanks for sharing with us your beautiful talent!
(Im italian :*)

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