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March 19, 2010


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That is a very happy post! Cute cat too. I think he deserves a little portrait :)

There are certainly good people in the world...
but not to brag, ehem-ehem I've rescued a lost doggy before. found him in the middle of the road, I stopped my car & open the door...without any hesitation the lost dog jumped right inside my car...I dropped him off in the nearest Fire Dept. When I called the next day, they had found the owners! Awww happy ending!! Happy friday darling Sam! Feel good post indeed~

oohh! poor kitty. my cat was chased by dogs the other day and we had to go to the vet :(
it's really heartbreaking when something happens to little ones in your care.

Now we have to hope that the rightful owner sees the poster. My friend spent 2 months trying to locate an owner for a cat she found and befriended. Now he is her furry baby...which, actually, turned out to be a good thing cuz she loves him to pieces. :)

awwww....Wonderful News!!! Yay! Great to see a Found instead of Lost..don't think I've ever seen one before.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

That's what I call, good hearted, Sam. Not many thinks of animals nowadays, huh?

Hope you enjoy helping and take care and have a great Sunday.


Poor kitty! But that's so nice of them to go the trouble of putting up posters... I'd die of my fat George ever got lost.♥

This is indeed a great Friday for them! So happy it was found.

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