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March 22, 2010


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They're fantastic and I can appreciate the effort to leave the dots white and make the dress red. I did an op shop drawing last night of a top with blue spots. I got clumsy toward the end.

I love these two. I think the pattern is great, and I love the Dorothy's long flowing hair!

Cute bunny and I love the red spotty dress! Hope your day was good!

I LOVE your blog!! I come on here all the time!! (especially when I'm at school and supposed to be studying and just need some creative inspiration!) hehe I also LOVE coming on here because my sister gave my other sister and I a print of yours each for christmas, so all three of us sisters have one!! Everytime I look at it I think of my sisters, so thanks!! : ) xox

Loving the details on the sleeves Sam!
I admire your is fulfilling I'm sure! Plus you are a drwaing machine as mentioned before~
xo* & have a fab productive week!

Love them both, and the bunny! It's wonderful that you have such a steady (and admirable!) creative outlet. :)

I mentioned you on my blog yesterday because there have been some very Sam-esque birds hopping around in my yard! Sweet little robins remind me of your art!!

Those patterns look wonderful. It's so great that drawing uplifts you like that. And then it gets to do it again when others see it... Thank you for your beautiful work dear Sam...and for sharing it with us and making our worlds more beautiful...

I just Adore Dorothy...she is soo pretty *blush* And I love the are getting better and better sweets!! Its getting hard though, I want it all...hahaha. I must order some more once I get the job on the go. or just maybe I'll win the giveaway, ooo..that would be splendid.

Its funny how you say the 'zone', my husband is an artist and he has brought up this zone you speak of, often. I love when he's in the zone, he whips out gorgeousness.

hope your week is better than the day you had, but luckily the drawing brought you back to smiles.. ;)

Such great matter how tired you are, just do it. I try to do that with writing: chain myself to the desk :)

I love Dorothy!!! I'd like to see some more experiments with patterns please if they all come out this good!

Keep it up lovely xx

That bunny is so. cute. I love it! I'm glad I found your blog through The Cottage Cheese....also, I'm having a giveaway today, if you'd like to enter! xo

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