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February 27, 2010


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Great Choices and PeeWee is such a classic..seen it a couple years ago again and its just so outrageous! love it. He appeared on I think it was one of Conan's last shows, pretty sweet!
I also adored Ed stuck with me awhile after..I was a little obsessed, Johnny Depp didn't help..;)
It's cool how him and Depp pair up often...they make a great pair and must have an absolute ball.
I wonder how good the Alice movie will looks like its pretty cool.
Have a Great Weekend!!!

Ah, I love Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I need to re-watch that ASAP.

bah!!! i am with you! the pee wee movie is the best!!!!

I just wanted to say- how can you ask us to choose!

I thought Ed Wood was really good and liked Sleepy Hollow a lot too. Would you believe I have never seen Edward Scissorhands? Terrible!
Glad you got your package ok!

Really fun post, darling S!
Love your movie selections, especially Batman!!


Love Pee Wee's Big Adventure also dear Sam! Mars Attacks is one of my sis' favorites... such a fun post!

I think Ed Wood may be my fave Tim Burton film. I do really like Pee Wee's Big Adventure too! Oh & I enjoyed The Nightmare Before Christmas also. Ahhh...I like them all!

Oh, don't you just love Tim Burton? I never knew he directed Pee-Wee! I have to say my faves are Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood. I can't wait to see Alice. I think Johnny Depp and Tim Burton just completely get each other, and everything they make is magic.

LOLOLOLOL!!! I cannot dance to "tequilla" without thinking of Pee Wee and OF COURSE doing "his" dance moves... LOLOLOL... but I don't have a pair of his shoes... so I can't quite get completely on my toes!!!
Have a FAB week-end... thanks for a laugh!

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