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February 15, 2010


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Your geisha is a sweetie especially in that outfit. There're some Mad Man tasters over on
...a fave here..

The geisha and the chickadee go well together!

Beautiful Kimono Sam & the chubby chickadee looks so contented~ Have a wonderful new week!

What a gorgeous Geisha dear Sam! I adore her expression and the new Japanese inspiration. I still have to watch Mad Men, never seen one episode and you and my sister are such fans that I know I'm missing out. Wishes for a wonderful new week!!!

I love seeing chickadees, they are one of the cutest little birds. one day my husband and i went for walk in the woods and we stopped at a bench a little chickadee landed on his hand and stayed there for a little was soooooo CUTE! and precious.
geisha girl is very pretty.

love your drawing!

and i am going to start saying that all of my tv and movie watching is RESEARCH! love that! :)

I love both of these - in particular the Reflecting Geisha - just gorgeous - she looks so serene!

I think chickadees may be my favorite bird (beside seagulls, bluejays and all species of ducks)! They are the cutest things.

Love the geisha! I would adore to have her on a set of dishes. Just gorgeous.

SOunds like you had a great weekend! I hope your valentine's was full of sweetness too! Such a gorgeous Geisha and i think she is not my favorite from your lovely paintings! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Quiet weekends are good because you're able to do drawings to share with us! The Geisha is a real beauty Sam!

The heat really knocks the wind right out of me & makes me very tired too. Monday was a shocker here, but atthe moment it's rainy & cooler. Happy rest of the week Sam xo

Beautiful! I love how you're able to keep churning out drawings week after week! You have such a classic but unique drawing style. :)

I love the colours your chose for the geisha's kimono. It suits her reflective mood, I think. I've only caught the Mentalist a couple of times on tv here but really enjoyed it. I should watch more!

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