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February 21, 2010


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Looks great! The shadow lines are quite crisp. Reminds me of Peter Pan's shadow!

What a cool shadow shot, Sam! Sounds like a fun place -- and yes, places like that don't age any better than we do -- I do speak from personal experience you understand! Have a drink for me the next time you're there! And have a great weekend!


Happy SSS
nice shot on the stark white tiles!

What a beautiful and clever shot!

Great shadow!

Of course a pub by its very nature can become messy, with spilled beers and food leading the mess. Yet if the patrons are a bit neat, the place can look its best. The off-white tile walls with the different spacing of the tile is beautiful. Naturally, the shadows of the patrons show up wonderfully on the tile, and even the shadows seem to have fun in this place where fun is the result. Nice take, and enjoy your week

Nice shadow shot of your pal there Sam! Are you sure it's your pal? You may have had one too many drinkies & aimed the camera toward some shadow from a random stranger. Maybe that's just something I would do. I've noticed some pubs that have been renovated in recent years are looking dated already. It's kind of sad.

It's so very hot right now. Started off all overcast and rainy but then vanished during the time I was in the shower this morning. Phooey!

Quirky indeed but ain't see your shadow as one §;-)

You captured your pal's shadow perfectly. I love the texture with grayish-white colour make this shot stunning.

TY for peepin my home today*blush. No time for me to turn out, so I shared whatever I found around indoor. Yes, it's cold and the temp still ticking up. TOmorrow, Monday, it'll be more than I showed. It might go up to -25below. Tjooohooo... I thought it's spring time now.

Send me a lil hottie days from Sydney.

Take care Missy DownUnder.

Gosh I thought it was a bathroom till I started to read...and know what you mean about the refurbishments...we had a fabulous old pub here in Oxford St, in a little back room once a, there's a big slick load monster in its place...sad..

Is it just me - I thought you were in a public toilet ... all those white tiles!! Super photo!

Great shot... but I think you're right. This place is not going to age well.

AMAZING!!! I love should totally frame. the composition and blacks and white and lines is phenomenal. totally love.
i need to go to a pub, haven't been to one in forever..

So nice! Looks like it could be from an old noir film.

Fabulous picture !

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