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February 14, 2010


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Oh, how funny! I love it! Terrific shot for the day and I was in need of a laugh! Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!!


The shadows add a bit of class to the statue, perhaps an ancient Greek god, or maybe an old Roman army general. The artist created this work of art in awe or admiration for the accomplishments of the past.

However as we see, the bird will not have any of that. He sits on the statue with total disregard, totally oblivious to the past. He doesn't appreciate the art, so this crow gives us a look of one uncaring bird.

You can't teach a crow anything!

Great shot - I love the crow!

U wake up early? Opps! the crow sits on my head?

You got the cute shot today. One of my fav.

How's down under? I heard that your flooding there? Was thinking about you guys?

Take care and have a happy heart's day.

I see what you mean! I like the tangle of branches behind the statue.

That's a funny find and a great shot Sam! SSS as addictive as iced vo-vos? Really? I'm not quite sure what to make of that. I didn't think anybody actually ate iced vo-vos! I must be wrong though as the supermarkets always have them in stock. So somebody must be buying them. Unless they are the same packets that have been sitting there since the 1970s...

It's ridiculously hot here today also! It hasn't rained here since last Sunday. I remember Feb being a month of late summer storms in Qld but that seems to have all changed now. Oh well. Fingers crossed for some cooler temps this week. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday Sam xo

I very much like the dappled light. It looks so warm and summery to me. :)

I love the complicated shadows the trees in the background have created.
As I was viewing your post was listening to "Gulf Coast Highway" and the final verse speaks of "when we die we say we'll catch some Blackbird's wing, and we will fly away to heaven, come some sweet blue bonnet Spring"...That Blackbird has connections!!
Intriguing shadow shot. thanks.

I love little moments like this.

Ha! That is such a great picture. I love how noble and solemn the statue looks while there's a bird on his head!

I love the photo! That bird has so much personality, sitting up there - so cute!

What a cool statue with her fancy feathered head shot!

Very nice shot...a bird in a shot is a good photo indeed!!!! especially on a beautiful statue.
again hope your weekend was amazing. oh btw where on earth is Gabbie lately?? i thought you might know.

I know what you mean about cameras -- I always carry mine in my bag. It's one of my rules of life -- I figure there are certain things (Kleenex, a good book, $20, a deck of cards) you always need on you, so I strive to keep them all with me!! Funny, it's the $20 I have the hardest time with!! :) And right now even though my camera is semi-broken, I can't resist having it along ... just in case of emergency, of course :)

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