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February 28, 2010


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Good Shadow Shot of crisp leaves and hazy tree trunk. Funny how the shadows are so different in definition. Happy SSS!

Shadow worthy indeed.
Love it.

What! Tsunami warning! Lordy I need to listen to the news! Oh dear..Chile...such a beautiful diverse country...I must go and check to see what damage they've sustained...and darling your shadow shot is beautiful...I can it this pic framed and hanging on the wall providing a sense of beauty and calm to anybody who looks at it...

Fantastic shadow shot, Sam! Isn't it fun when you take a shot and then it turns out even better that you thought it would? Love it when that happens! Hope your weekend is going well!


I think this might be my favorite shadow shot of yours. The light is so soft and beautiful.

Lovely shadow shot! Hope everything is OK - that tsunami warning sounds scary.

Beautiful shadow and such a frightening warning dear Sam... hope you're well!!

The shadows look complex yet delicate as the flow onto the white fence - a wonderful capture.

I hope that the tragedy in Chile does no lasting damage to your neighborhood and cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, being on the water on opposite side of the earthquake. We all hope!

Brilliant shadow shot, I think it belongs in your Etsy store.

Thanks for the lovely Darlinghurst shot - very pretty. We were a little concerned this morning when we heard the Tsunami warning, because our daughter and her husband live at Bondi Beach and she's one of those She the Adventuress types who would rush down to the beach with a camera. Thankfully it remained like a mill pond at Bondi. Our prayers are certainly with those poor unfortunate people of Chile - it's quite devastating.

All these earthquakes and tsunami warnings for our region! It gets me worried :( But this is a lovely shadow shot Sunday. My favourite so far.

Your shadow shot is so delicate and pretty Sam! I heard about the Tsunami alert late last night & was wondering whether I'd wake up to being carried through the city on a big wave. Didn't happen. Phew! I'm moving to a little island not far from the mainland late March & all I could think of last night was how lucky I was that I hadn't moved there already. Not that it was a problem for the island anyway but I would have been a lot more stressed had I been living there!

Oh you had Mardi Gras last night in Sydney! I forgot about that! Did you go along to watch the parade? It would be so much fun!

Japanese style of shadow...

Happy SS Sunday!

Lovely shadow shot!
I hope the tsunami is not going to cause death though it will certainly bring destruction. It sounds far-reaching, even taking in Russia.

Wonderful shot...I have felt tremors in the past in California, Colorado and Iowa, I expected it in California, but the other two...whew!!!

Crazy world events these days...8.8, that's a biggy! Good luck!

Beautiful, peaceful shadow. I hadn't heard about the tsunami warning, here in Perth. I guess it was OK. Wow! The world is becoming a dangerous place. Thanks for sharing your little piece of Darlinghurst with us.

Hi Sam - that all sounds thoroughly scary!! Hope you are safe and well. I love your shadow shot - I think it would be lovely printed on to canvas!!
Love, Anne
ps I adore your drawings - a talent I sadly don't possess!!

Very worthy shadow shot! Hope you had a fun Mardi Gras! We certainly did down here in the Big Easy, I think I'm still worn out!

I adore this shot...just plain stunning and mysterious. i love it..i suggest a getting it printed and framed! ;)
and oh no i hope everything is okay with that nutty weather hitting..i send my prayers.

Beautiful shadow shot! One of my favorite photographs of yours, dearest :)

I hope everything is ok. I haven't heard anything on the news about tsunami strike, but I can't even imagine how it must feel to even try and "prepare" for a possible disaster. My heart goes out to those in Chile and in Haiti who continue to suffer so. Take care Sam!

What a lovely photo!

And I hope everything was okay with you!

Had to come back over and reread about sunami warnings.Struck me what I read several hours later(my old wrinkly brain!). I hope you are all okay there. The Chile quake was horrid from what I'm seeing on the news.

Did you get to go to Bogart's(the Airedale) blog? You will flip when you see how much Lulu looks like your 'signature girl'. She doesn't have many photos of herself,but yesterdays post had a few and there are some fantastic ones of her in some older posts. The site is:

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