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February 20, 2010


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They are so French frou-frou aren't they?!
My feeling this is going to be your inspiration for your lovely artwork soon~
Enjoy your weekend darling Sam!
xo as always*
ps: I bought you a little something-something via Singapore...(ehem-surprise!)will mail to you soon okie! Just because~

That poodle holding the flowers is the cutest ever. It totally makes me happy!

Hi Sam,
I love that first picture. I have a small collection of poodles-mainly china-one puppet. My ebay name is chinapoodle! My Dad has a poodle-a small one-Oscar, that he and his wife inherited when her employer died. He is a cutie!
Scottie dogs are the other ones that spring to mind as being associated with an era, the 1930s. I googled poodles 50s and scottie dogs 30s and found this interesting article.

Have a lovely weekend!

what cute poodle pics!

for some reason i used to hate poodles. they really never did a thing to me, so that hatred was unfair! i blame it on my macho relatives. and i no longer hate them. ahhaha

hope you have a great weekend!

what a sweetheart. When I was a kid, I was really into the fifties and everything poodle. I think it was the beginning of my francophilia This image is so cute. There is one lady in my town that has a big poodle and he/she is her service dog. I thought it was great!

Aww, I love the vintage poodle pics!

Happy weekend, Sam! Hope you're having a great one :)

Happiness! Poodles! When I was little, my favorite stuffed animal was a black poodle.

You've found some fab photos there. That top one in particularly has the real 50s feeling. Up here we have a Pink Poodle Motel on the Gold Coast....just recently refurbished but retaining it's big pink vegas!

I can't bring myself to like the tiny poodles, but the large ones are so statuesque and regal. Such cute photos!

I must confess that I've never been a huge lover of poodles, but I like these photos. I did see a labradoodle (lab/poodle cross) recently & he was sort of cute. He had poodle hair but was the size of a lab. And he had the sweet personality of a lab. Poodles are a bit yappy and mean. Or maybe just the ones that I've come across. I shouldn't stereotype as I'm sure there are some sweet ones around :)

nothing like a bit of cutesy kitsch! love the woman's outfit in the last pic.

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