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February 13, 2010


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how proud would you be if you owned this puppy?!

OMG!! this just made my afternoon. what a sweetheart! have a great valentine's day weekend.

Oh I'm such an idiot! I was wondering why this cute little puppy was known as the love heart puppy from Japan. Ok, I see it now! And it's not like it wasn't obvious. Think I need new glasses...

Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day tomorrow Sam! And an awesome weekend in general xo

He is so special!
Heart warming ahhhh...& awww...
Have a LOVEly weekend you two lovebirds!

That is such a cute photo! Love it! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and a sweet sweet valentine's! Love to you!

Ah how cute! Happy Valentines Day!

Oh my gosh, I just want to snuggle him! I'm off to search for heart-shaped markings on my big black & white dog...

A belated happy Valentines Day to you Sam sweetie!

awwww....what a sweetikins!!! I am late..sorry..I hope you had a wonderful vday weekend!!!! :D

Ahh, how adorable! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day! :) Heh, I'm behind on reading blogs! But how could I resist commenting on this?!

what a cute little guy!

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