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February 01, 2010


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both are so, so sweet. you are a talent.

oh, so gorgeous!

you really captured Diana so well, love it Sam!

Oh, these are both so adorable, Sam! I absolutely love the Diana print (and who you named it after!). So incredibly sweet. And what a pretty collection of girls in The Class of '29! :)

I love both of these new drawings! Fantastic.

Wow! You had a really productive weekend, darling! Love all of these drawings!


Oh Sam, I so adore them both; though the first one is my absolute favorite. I can't imagine anything more charming!! :)

so beautiful, Sam!! love the Diana print!!

Wow! I love them both!

diana must be so stoked and so flattered!!!!

diana is a great name -- it makes me think of anne of green gables' best friend, diana barry -- who this picture looks very much like!! :)

awwww...that is so sweet of you. That is a super great illustration. It's funny, it reminds me of when I was a kid my grandfather had a illustrated bird encyclopedia and every time I went to visit I would look at it for what seemed hours. I totally agree, birds are fascinating!!! You'll have to look up my cat and bird post...don't worry, it's not gruesome..hehe.
I also loved looking at my parent's old year books, at all the different hairstyles, glasses and interesting. people look different every decade...I swear.
Anyhoo's, you take care and have a great week!!

they're both amazing! you're perception of diana is incredibly charming too.

These are both beautiful Sam! Diana must be tickled pink! Congrats on the blog feature also. I haven't read it yet. Off to do that now xo

oh my goodness, i love them both! diana is one of my favorite people and i am so excited that you have named this for her!

This is soo so sweet!! I love it!! Thank you so much!!!

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