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February 22, 2010


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Daydreaming, love "soƱar despierta"...

These are both wonderful! Your daydreamer is just adorable with her pink & black, and the little birdie is just so so sweet! Successful weekend festival! :)

oh i love these two new drawing and the use of pink is perfect. that top drawing is just amazing.

so lovely...i adore your new daydreaming lady..i daydream a whole lot myself. sometimes its just staring into space with blinking, without much thought though...heheh.
have a great week sam!

Cheers to a fabulous week. I love the new drawings!

Gorgeous illustrations, darling S!
Hope you are having a fab Monday!


I know. Hasn't the weather been miserable. I must step outside and see whether that southerly has blown through.
I am in your neck of the woods this week. Working from North Sydney. Are you close by? Thought I might be able to get in a G'day.

oh, i don;t know how you do it but every little bird you draw, I can;t help but fall in love. I love the name "all dressed up and nowhere to go" I feel like that a lot. I accesorize and dwell on my outfit even if it's just me and my dogs :)

i think this is one of my favourites!

I love All Dressed Up!! I'll go somewhere with her!!

I like that Sam, 'Festival' in our homes sweet homes! How a bout carnival as well?! hehe*

When I was much younger I daydreamed a's a wonderful way to use our creative cells in our brain I think! Fabulous week to you~

xo as always!

Dearest Sam, i am in love with your "Day dreaming" painting! She is soo gorgeous and i too do a good bit of day dreaming myself. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

p/s: Wishing you a paws-perity year of the tiger! Happy chinese new year. :)

such a pretty in pink picture!!!

and i hope your weather becomes tolerable soon. VERY SOON!

She's just gorgeous...
ps your apartment sized festivals always produce such wonderful works...

Your 'Day Dreaming' is gorgeous Sam. Your apartment festival was a success! The little birdy one is cute too! Hot huh? Maybe it has cooled down a tad by now...

OOooh LOVE daydreaming and dressing up!!! FAB artwork as always!

I'm very much enthralled with your new pink creations! Also love the thought of a one-woman-festival... too cute! :)

Oh my, I have two new favorite drawings! These are just beautiful, Sam. Your talent and vision continue to awe me.

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