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February 24, 2010


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what amazing pictures, sam! moving on to the other links :)

my hump day has just begun, bleh. these images are really amazing, especially the one with the flamingo. funny bird.

Cool shots indeed!

Inspiring images Sam!
even rain puddles look so good through his camera!! Past my bed time here, Nightie-Night!

love that flamingo and the reflection in the water. cool photographs. I can't wait til friday at 2:30pm!!! Then I get my spring break :)

I always love seeing what fabulous photos you dig up for us readers!

Long time no chat btw!

Hope everything is great :)

I like these! Will check out the links you provided. Hope you had a happy hump day Sam! The temps here today dropped a little due to some rain & it's so lovely. Wishing you some cooler temps for Sydney too! xo

That is one amazing photo of a girl and a puddle :)

b&w pictures are the best. i'm going to start using my film camera to take them again.

btw, i have a post up about my other cat if you are interested!

Gorgeous examples of his work Sam! The third and first are my faves... I love the way he's showing the model the pose he wants from her! Such grace. Also, the last one with the puddles. Beautiful and so very timeless...

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