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January 03, 2010


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The view is of a charming town, a nice place to stroll or just to admire the tree lined boulevard. The shade and shadows give quiet and stylish views. The cat shows life, the tiles are of a stunning pattern. A beautiful area you live in!

The video of the fireworks was very nice. I think there may have been fireworks nearby, but I preferred the warmth inside instead of viewing in the cold. Must be advancing age in my case...

I have to agree Sam - the midnight fireworks were fantastic. I was watching from Darling Point and they great. I've actually popped some pics up at my blog!

Hope you're having a lovely day :)

I love old ornate churches and buildings. They're so intriguing.

great varieties of shadows.

I played too!

Great shots!

My shadow Shots, have a great weekend and a happy new year!

That cat has beautiful markings and the church is just stunning. I really like how you're arranged all these shots -- beautiful composition!

happy new year, sam!! i watched the fireworks from kirribilli -- definitely worth the early ticket back to see them!! i just love sydney :)

You live in such a beautiful part of Sydney. It all looks so grand and charming! That cat appears to be very curious. Or smitten with you. Probably a bit of both I'd say! Now wouldn't you be kicking yourself silly if you had indeed ditched the midnight fireworks! I was looking at youtube clips of the Sydney fireworks the next day and thought they were spectacular. Much more exciting than the ones I witnessed. You were so lucky to experience them for real! Hope you've been enjoying your weekend Sam. I have a feeling that your holidays may be ending soon. Ooops. Should I not have reminded you? Shoot! Forget I said anything. Monday is ages away. Really it is! xo

oooh sound so lovely!
You & bf are so blessed to have each other, I bet you guys had a NYE kiss ehem*
Anyway, love the tree trunk/bark...all the tones & wonderful texture, so gorgeous!
Fab 2010 darrrling...

Am adoring the old ornate of the church tower. Ah... fantastic everywhere.

Have a blessed 2010.

Gorgeous pics from your area...isn't the green just a feast for the eyes...I'm so enjoying the storm that we've been having...

lovely series of photos, specially the cat and the trees

Shadowy belfry,
great bells muffled by darkness—
still they ring out peace.

Bring-on-the-Band Shadows!

Fabulous photos, darling!

Happy 2010!


Love your photos! That kitty looks just like my kitty we had growing up. And those houses are so gorgeous.

By the way, I loved the illustrations in your last post.

wow, impressive as always. seriously.

Lovely photos! Sounds like you had a great New Year's Eve. :) What a spectacular fireworks show!! I didn't get to see anything nearly as nice... I was really hoping we'd be able to see some good ones from our balcony, but there were only a few feeble explosions around midnight.

Hope your new year is going well so far!

Lovely photos and what fireworks is such a wonderful an spectacular way to bring in the New Year dear Sam!

Such a fan of Tracey's Gallery!

Hope your week has started off well... I'm so dreading going back tomorrow! :)

heya sam...these are such cool photos!!! ooohh...what a cute tabby, too!!Sounds like you had a nice New Years! I had an even more low key New Years hehe, I played Scrabble...hahahe and stayed in..had a few little bubblies and ended up dancing with my husband sister in law by the end of the night in the kitchen..heehee. Sadly didn't see any fireworks, they were a bit too far from where we are.
Take Care and hope you have a great week!

love your kitty shot!

and i love love LOVE that you call them crackers!!! ahahah! that is fantastic!

Beautiful shots! I'd like to stay in that lovely old home that's now a backpacker's hostel. It sounds like you had a fun time ringing in the new year. Happy 2010, girlie!

P.S. Just posted your feature on my blog!

Thanks for taking us along on your walk... I adore that kitty, and the patterns of the tiles.

these are beautiful!

happy new year!!!!!

Beautiful pics...I can see me walking out of that hairdressers with pin curls!

Happy New Year, Sam!

Beautiful feature!

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