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January 05, 2010


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Is Little Black Rabbit yours? The link isn't working for me. Either way, it's cute!

i love your new print and am very excited for the book club to start!

Yes, Monday was certainly a bit of a rude awakening for me, too!! I do like that Little Black Rabbit, though!! :)

And -- I just noticed the picture on the side with the woman coming out of the conch shell -- what a clever idea!! I have one conch shell and it is one of my favorite things because it came from a storm on my favorite beach and my uncle and aunt gave it to me when I was little :)

Aw, thanks for saying such nice things about my blog and my shop, and for linking to them Sam! You are too sweet!

Love,love,love the new print "Paula and Jemma!"

love the little black rabbit.
know what you mean about work - been slowly easing back into it but i'm still in holiday mode!

Oh Sam.... That little black rabbit has taken my heart down to it's burrow and won't give it back!

Love those girls! And that's so exciting about the book club! How fun.

Simply gorgeous dear Sam! I love Paula and Jemma and the little black rabbit... don't want to be a downer, but you can probably imagine who he reminds me of... ♥

Speaking of loves, I adored the post on your work on the Cottage Cheese blog. It was great to see so many of your gorgeous birds all together!

And lastly, so excited about our book club idea. Looking forward to reading and discussing with you and so many of my favorite blog writers.

Hope your week if going swell! Mine is a lot less painful than I'd imagined :) thank God!

Congrats on the blog feature. I'll pop over shortly to have a read. And coot wabbit! Nice to hear that you settled back into the working routine so quickly after holidays. Funny how it works out like that & I'm sure as soon as I return to work it will be as though my holiday was just something I imagined that happened...

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