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January 10, 2010


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Lovely shadows and beautiful, interesting architecture! Terrific captures for the day! Have a great weekend, Sam!


Oh, very nice! Especially the first one!

We sure do live in a lovely city :) Great photos Sam.

These are great shots, reminds me to explore this wonderful city one day with a camera!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Very interesting about Sydney being built on sandstone. It looks very cool in the shadow of that building. Sandstone is a lovely stone(that sounds silly somehow but still!) There is a church near Blackheath which must be built of it-it is a lovely pinky sandy colour.

I love these old sandstone buildings. It's easy to see why it would have been such a popular building material if it was not only beautiful but readily available.
The first shot looks a bit like a canyon, the buildings seem tall and close together.

Feels like somewhere in Europe Sam!
Love the color of that building~and the juxtaposition-old & new

Great Sunday darrrlin'

yes, i'm always surprised that sydney is such a different colour to melbourne. great pic x

What stunning shots Sam!

Such gorgeous photos! I studied architecture in college and I miss it so!


That's a lovely series of pictures!

The skyline of the lovely Sydney is beautiful, the old and new sitting together in harmony. The sandstone facade of the old buildings, however, are classier and elegant while the new are of more efficient modern designs. Perhaps a bit less soul than the old if more functional.

All the old designs are great, with arches and wrought iron so in character with the style of its day. The old so often has a class that is lacking today...

Fabulous post. And the entry shot is terrific. Love the texture of the buildings, of course, but also the strong vertical, especially that strong sky. Nice!

Oh, I especially adore the first picture. It seems the perfect location for a romantic tryst with a cute boy!! :)

We've not long returned from a trip to Sydney, so thanks for the nostalgia kick. You have included some of my favourite buildings.

I feel like I'm stalking Robyn above as I've been closely following behind in her visits & comments. Funny thing is, last week I was stalking you Sam!

That top photo is a stunner! I love the angle of it and the sweet blue sky peeking through. Your city certainly is a fascinating one. I'm quite jealous of your beautiful beuildings! I like the comparison of sandstone to shrotbread biscuits! How true! Hope you've enjoyed the weekend so far Sam xo

That is such a gorgeous photo and Sydney is such a beautiful city! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and love to you!

We have a lot of old sandstone buildings too, beautiful monuments to man's obsession with grand structures.

How beautiful! I love the photo with the green gate - it's so romantic.

these are beautiful...what amazing architecture!

Awesome Shadow Shot...I am so not regular...gosh, I still adore it though..I'm an every second weeker I think..hehe.
Its so cool how much you enjoy your city and tend to explore it. I can't wait till its spring and not so cold here, cause its hard to leave the house when its sooo cold.

i do like that bridge street shot especially ... it is a gorgeous city here!!

Gorgeous pictures (as usual), Sam! :) I'd love to live in a city full of short bread buildings!

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