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January 24, 2010


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Gorgeous captures of a beautiful place, Sam! I particularly like the first one and the last three! Beautiful! Hope you're having a great weekend!


Oh so beautiful!
(I'd follow but I can't work out how . . . sob, sob . . . )

The gate is ornate, and the shadow replicates the iron bars and intricate detail very well. The man-made designed and built fence offers a nice entryway to the gardens. The river is a natural barrier to the flora garden and the built up neighborhood across. A beautiful place to visit should we ever get to the stunning land of Oz...

Gorgeous shadow!

My shadow shots

You done a great job, Sam? Your weather sounds crazy too, huh?

Anyways, having 4 seasons is really awesome. I never thought I could experience this life.

Love the first foto you have and of course the glimpse of the city.

Hope you have a great Sunday and hope it cool down too.

hugs to you dearie friend...

I love those flowers.

My Mugs shadows

Lovely shots of the gardens. i particularly like the one looking through the trees. I love storms-they clear the air so well.
Have a great week!

Funny to think that we were both prowling around the Botanical Gardens snapping shadows! I don't think I visited your gardens during my trips to Sydney so will now add them to the ever increasing list of things to check out. My list is always increasing thanks to you and all of the wonderful sights you share here! All of these photos are so cool. I'm a little jealous of the third photo of the fuzzy tipped grass. And yes I am quite sure that is the official name for that plant ;) I saw some of that in the Brissy gardens but it didn't have that sweet pink tinge to it :(

Gosh you guys have really been experiencing some crazy hot weather. Hooray for storms! I hope the cool change stays around for a while for you Sam! xo

These are incredible! I wish I could say which is my favorite - but I love them all!

I love your shadow shot! I adore flowers alot and love your flowers photos! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Love to you!

Nice shots. Looks like summer! :)

Sunny greetings from Cairo!

Nice shadow shot! And that bee on the flower shot is fabulous darling!

Oh happy memories of our holiday last year - I took some shadow shots of the gates as well!! Glad you've had some relief from the heat - it's trying to snow here .....

Stunning gate and shadow and a day's outing in a summer's heat...I can't wait...but I'll take my turn in the sun, as my summer creeps in, yours creeps away...ENJOY!!!

what beautiful summer colours and the shadows from the wrought iron gate are very lovely.

Greedy little bee,
drink deeply of the flower—
nectar is power!

Footprints in the Mud

Lovely pics, darling Sam ~ I especially love the last one!


That's a really great shadow!

Lovely Fence Shadows!!! I have been very bad at the shadow shots as of late...I must get back into the habit. You inspire me.
These are gorgeous flowers. We're all snow here..hehe. Oh, I can hardly wait for the spring...what an amazing scene.

I love that bee and those wispy little pink fronds.

I love all the shots of plants and flowers. You're getting better and better at this, Sam. Keep them coming. Gosh it looks hot there. You should send some of that good weather here :)

lovely photos as always sam! you have such a gorgeous backdrop to work with...

i love the fluffy pinky photos!!!

so pretty!!!

Oh my, these shots are stunning Sam! They have me longing for summer. The plumes of the grasses, the waterfront, and those pink flowers! Are they passionflowers? Those grow wild in my area (although you rarely see them), but they are purple. They're absolutely gorgeous!

I love old gates, so this shot is particularly pleasing to me.

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