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January 17, 2010


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I thought they looked a bit like the banyan trees I've seen in Hawaii. They are a lot different than the figs I see here in California. Nice shadows.

What a beautiful shot. Hope things are a little cooler in your part of the world - looks as though we are in for another hot day up here in Brissy, followed by a thunder storm this afternoon. Maybe I shouldn't shelter under your fabulous trees!

Love to see avenues of trees! Walking there makes you feel as if you are being protected, maybe even guided by Mother Nature! Moreton bays are certainly impressive giants! Great photo!

G´day Sam,
I tell you my dream. The is what I dreamed when I grow up *wink...

Yeah, am sure. Love the lined-up trees (fogs) are well preserve too.

Such an amazing shot to dream of and when you reach on the other end, my house is waiting for u.

Hey! wake me UP! time for me to go to bed, girl? it's 20 min to 11pm now.


What a gorgeous capture, Sam! I love roads/paths through trees like that and what beautiful trees they are -- even if they are hairy!! Thanks as always for stopping by my blog and for your comment. Always appreciated! Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


What a beautiful picture So much atmosphere. It looks like a fairy tale I love trees
Thanks for visitng

Great shadows intertwined in the many twisted branches! I like this photo!

They have them in Florida too, I'm amazed at the size and beauty of these strangler fig trees, as what they're called down there.

Hauntingly so beautiful Sam!
Those trees must be quite scary at night...I won't want to walk there alone for sure!
eeeck...I'm such a chicken~

Of course this is a tree we in the northern US wouldn't see, the fruit typical of the warm and tropical land. The look and shadows are stunning, the light that can get through the grove is brilliant. The picture seems almost to be the work of an Impressionist in oils. Frame this and it seems a classic work, suitable for a gallery wall. The photo artist at work!

I do love Moreton Bay Fig trees! They're both beautiful and a little bit creepy. It would be a very funny sight to see these trees take over Sydney! When this happens don't forget to take lots of photos! I guess you'll have plenty of time as it will be a slow take-over...

Shadow Shot Sunday the best thing since sliced bread? You are so cute Sam!

Ok, so you think my second week back at work should be easier than the first eh? I'm not so sure about that & will let you know ;) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! xo

Great shadows!
It's amazing how strong and proud those trees look...
Have a great SSS! :)

That's a gorgeous avenue...

The sort of tree is something I'm not familiar with but your photo captures them beautifully.

Great trees - wonderful shots. B : )

Why don't you come on over to my blog and visit a while

that looks a lovely shady place to walk. I love the effect of the shadows on the trunks

So gorgeous!
Reminds me a bit of Provence :)


Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I love your photo, especially as we had a wonderful holiday in Sydnet last September - happy memories!!

those trees are gorgeous...what a lovely stroll that would make through them.

It's beautiful! That looks like someplace I would love to go for a walk!

Those trees look unreal! And a whole avenue? It looks like it's out of the trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." Great pic, Sam!

Oh Wowee...these trees are incredible. Nature at its finest. And I agree with lenore, i betcha they might be a tad creepy at night. But oh so beautiful.

this is such a lovely shot!

Wonderful shadow shot dear Sam! I'm left craving a fig now for some reason?? :)

Oh I missed these! Lovely shot-nice place to stroll I would think! Thanks for your lovely comment about my drawing too!

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