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January 16, 2010


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what lovely images, sam! black and white is always so intriguing. thanks for your comments on my blog, too -- and, i think you'll be happy, i've included some from my friday night activity last night!! i went to the outdoor movie at mrs. macquarie's chair and had a fantastic time -- details and pictures posted!!

also -- i know this isn't exactly what we talked about, but i just saw an ad about "booking" your blog -- making it into a printed form. not exactly harper and collins yet, but at least it'd be backed up ...

have a great weekend!! :)

oh his work does intrigue me too...almost like stills from a Hitchcock film.
i'm going to NYC in a few weeks...good to know!
xox alison

My favourite kind of art (whether it's photography, drawing, films, writing, music etc) is the type that unsettles me the most. I'm not sure why that is, but it's what I'm drawn to. I kind of wish it wasn't the case because I'm always feeling quite disturbed by things that I'm choosing to take in. If that makes sense.

Nice plans you made for the weekend. Maybe next weekend they'll happen! You never know what's around the corner :)

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