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January 08, 2010


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I know. I know. How nice is it to see some sun? Sam, can you flick me your email to my email so I can send you the katiecrackernuts calendar, or go and pick it up from my sidebar. I haven't forgotten you, I thought I had your email, but seems I don't, so sorry for the delay.
Off to Palm Beach on the ferry tomorrow to enjoy some Sydney sunshine.

...I can't even bear to hear the words "warm and sunny"...hmmmph! It is so cold here that the heater can barely keep up. PLEASE enjoy it for those of us stuck in this winter freeze ;)

what a funny little guy!

have a wonderful weekend!

have a wonderful weekend, not squished by other people :)

That first pic is caraaaazy!

Have a relaxing weekend, darling Sam!


P.S. Thanks for the add ~ you are on my new blogroll too :)

he he! that photo's funny and a very good visual for how you feel. have a lovely weekend x

I hope you have an amazingly relaxing weekend, hard to top that lil' fellow though...heehee, he's hilarious!!!

gah! these are the best photos EVER!!! love them! although i would much rather be the fella in shot #2 than those in shot #1!

hope you have a great weekend!

I too am sooo happy that weekend is here! Thee lovely photos made me smile!! I hope you have a good restful weekend and thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes...made my day a happy one! Love to you!

LOL, I'm glad I wasn't in THAT phone booth photo shoot.

It WAS you, wasn't you, who blogged about the book Dogs In Vogue some months ago? I got the book and blogged about it today, check it out!!

Ok, I guess I'm a little too late to wish you a happy weekend, so have a happy week ahead instead! This is a cute post. Being squished in a phone box like that could be a bit smelly with these high temps. I remember seeing a photo like that one where a bunch of people were squished into a VW. Or some kind of car like a VW. I'm not too clued up on car makes & models...

Tee-hee, great visuals you've provided us! I hope you had a wonderful weekend dear Sam!

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