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January 18, 2010


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I think she's lovely, your Anastasia!

Ooooh what a fab contest!
I will call her Ophelia!
Lovely work, darling Sam!


I actually like the name The Pink Mink. If I had to offer an alternate name, something about her reminds me of Lilith from Frasier (yes I am a dork), so I'm going to call her Blushing Lilith.

I think she could be a Marlene (after Marlene Dietrich). She's stunning.

I think she looks so elegant. I like the name "Liora". It'll be a tough one for you to decide. So far, great names that seem to suit her!!
What a cool lil' contest!!!!

Oooh! What a marvelous giveaway!

I would name her Maria as in Maria Callas because she looks so dramatic and glamorous.

I get a RITA vibe from her...
she designs faux fur as a living...and she also teaches Karate by night~ she is allegic to peanuts though! sorry Sam my fantasy can go off the chart sometimes~
Fab new week & whoever wins your print should be so lucky! hmmm how about miss Lucky? nahhh*


Ooh, what a fun competition, Sam! :) You're very generous. I love "The Pink Mink" but if the owner needs a name, I'm thinking Isabella might be nice!

What a fun giveaway! I'm kind of down with the pink mink, but I also like blushing belle of the ball.

hope you are well, sam!

I quite like the title The Pink Mink myself; but if a name is required, I have to go with...Lorelei. It seems a sensible name for a sophisticated lady!! :)

i love her!! i don't have any clever ideas at the moment, but will come back if i do!

i love the name "the pink mink"! or maybe "she stole my heart"! sorry for the cheesy name there! ahahha hah

"Samantha" ^.^

I quite like "The Pink Mink" and can't think of anything better. If I do I'll pop back with my suggestion. I really just wanted to say how much I love her anyway! That's a sweet giveaway prize Sam. As I didn't throw a name into the hat this comment wouldn't count as an entry. Sorry if that stuffs up your random generator thingie Sam!

It's hump day! Where is your happy hump day post? Or are you mixing things up this year to confuse me? xo

oh, sam ... so many good names, however will you choose?? i might add nadine to the mix, though i could also see her as an audrey, eve or alex. and that's just my mood today!! good luck!! :)

She's one of those modern chicks with a short cute name - Pinky

A wonderful giveaway dear Sam! Such an elegant and gorgeous creations... I would name her Francesca! A gorgeous and mysteriously Italian.

Also, I'm very much a follower!

She looks so pretty and elegant! This is such a wonderful giveaway! How about the name Audrey {after audrey hepburn}? :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

what about valentina? or samantha?? she's almost as gorgeous as the "original" sam :) there's my mood for thursday!!

How about Graciela? That's what popped into my mind.

thanks for the opportunity :)

I like Gilda!!!

Whatever you choose it will be great!

I rather like "The Pink Mink" but I think Carlotta would be nice too. I imagine her going to the opera, where Carlotta would seem appropriate.

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