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January 22, 2010


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Happy Friday Sam! Good luck with the Sydney heat tomorrow. I hear it's going to be low to mid 30s here in Brissy over the weekend. I'm not sure what you are expecting but I hope it's not too much hotter than that. I'm sure you'll manage to have a super weekend anyway. Mix in lots of drawing with those iced teas! xo

happy friday sam! that photo makes me chuckle. while you're in the midst of some serious heat, it's pretty cold here!

Oh, what I wouldn't give for it to be hot here right now...enjoy your weekend!

:)x 10

I agree with you about Friday not coming soon enough. Phew it was a busy (and hot!) week.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend :)

(Oh and yes, you'll be seeing modelled purchases soon).

what a great photo. keep cool! we had 44 degrees c here last week!

As you can imagine, I adore this photograph. Avedon is one of my favorite photographers. And that hat! That dog! Too cool, too chic.

Wow...Enjoy your heat...we are freezing our buns off here..hehe...its funny how opposite it can be..but I suppose we are at different ends of the world.
LOVE this adorable photo...I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoooox :)

love hearing about your hot day in Sydney. Such a contrast o the snow covered mountains that surround me today. love ur twitter updates with all those sweet little birds.

Happy weekend, darling!
Love this photo!


Gotta love Richard Avedon. Mmm, iced tea sounds nice. It's been all hot tea here (since it's winter) and that's just not the same.

what a fabulous picture!! and -- i'm on the edge of my seat to hear what you'll call your pink mink lady!! i can't wait!! that naming competition was a fantastic idea!!

see you in real life ... hopefully soon!! :)

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