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January 26, 2010


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Dear Sam, i really adore True Love painting...sooo sweet and gorgeous! Congratz to the LUCKY winner! Hope your weekend was good. Wishing you a lovely merry happy week! Love to you!

Wow! I am so excited for so many reasons! I won, she's named Lilith, and I get prints! I'll email you my choices, so many to choose from. Happy Australia day!

If that's Lilith, it's no wonder Niles had such a hard time getting over her! :o) Congratulations, Saltina!

And happy Australia Day! I love your new drawings - the love birds are so sweet and that wren is so cute, I want to take him home in my pocket.

Congrats to Saltina. What a lucky thing she is! Love your new prints Sam! Hope you've had a super Australia Day so far. The crickets were chirping up a storm here all day long too! Except no storm arrived. Just a lot of chirping. What a hot one it has been today! And it's almost 8pm and the temps feel like it's still noon. Ick ick icky!

oh, sam, those birdies are beautiful! i know i keep saying this, but you're just so talented!! :)

and thanks so much for your comments on my blog -- i answered them there, but wanted to make sure you knew there was an answer! (i'm notorious for forgetting to look back for answers myself!)

see you soon!

Congrats to the chosen one!
Lilith sounds fab*
Happy Australia Day Sam~

beautiful sam! love "true love". especially since i've just experienced it for the first time ;)

your little birds are SO ADORABLE!!!!!

Congratulations to the winner!!

Oh to be able to whip up a couple of gorgeous drawings like these! Stay cool dear Sam...

Reggie has absolutely stolen my heart! And True Love is about the cutest drawing ever, perfect for Valentine's Day. I just tweeted a link to it :) Happy Belated Australia Day!

Oh your little birds are so beautiful, Sam!! :)

I'm in love with a bird named Reggie.
just love him!

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