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January 31, 2010


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Fun shadow shot, Sam! And what an interesting place to visit! Hope your weekend is going well!


This is a lovely view of the beauty from the 1940s. The black and white pictures are rather artistic, the views more evocative in the B&W medium...

The naval base is impressive, the modern defensive ships set nicely against the old stone lighthouse. OZ has so much coast, the sailors working to protect. I notice how impressive Sydney truly is, with that beautiful skyline along the waterfront and the towers to the beautiful Harbour Bridge so tall and strong. Enjoy your week!

A wonderful group of shadow shots. Hazy or not, they are lovely pictures.

Good shadow shots.I like the visual affect(not effect!) the haze has on your photos.

ps-The drawings on your sidebar (straight bangs/short straight sides) look JUST like a blogger I read from Portland,Oregon!!

These are really great, thanks for sharing.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

What Ralph said! (Ralph is so lovely and always leaves the most thoughful comments)

I like your hazy photos Sam! So is that a little lighthouse I see? Maybe it's not so little but just looks tiny with the high rise buildings behind it. I must say, it's a very cute lighthouse!

I hope you scored some cooler weather this weekend. I did! These cooler temps have made me very happy. It's drizzling as I type. Great napping weather! Which is why I'm a little late arriving here :)

Have a lovely week ahead Sam xo

love the black and white shadow in shadow...
happy sss.

Really neat subtle shadows on those nostalgic posters! I enjoyed your hazy day photos of Garden Island too!

What Shots!! What a cool harbour you've got...Wow..Beautiful. I must post some photos of our canal can be quite beautiful as well. I also must explore the many museums we have...its funny how sometimes it can take you awhile to enjoy the sites in your own town..i just moved here but ya know what i mean..daily things can get in the way of an adventure.
hope you week is awesome!!

Love the first one and the last one is so beautiful! Great shots!

I am SOOOO drooling over those wonderful summer shots, glad you had a wonderful time!

These are great!!

I thought you'd like to know that I nominated you for an award!

Great pocs, thanks for sharing ;)

The pinup girls are lovely...I didn't realise that a part of the island was now open to visitors... Have an old family friend who was on duty at Garden Island the night the j submarines came's quite surreal listening to her stories...

your photos turned out lovely!

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