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January 11, 2010


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I love the risque bathing beauty!!

i want that bathing suit (or something very similar). lovely.

Great drawings! love the story behind the bathing beauty and James and Michael too! xo

Such gorgeous work, darling Sam!
Especially loving the bather!


lovely drawings, sam! hot pink has been my favorite color lately, so that bathing suit is right up my alley!

Dear sam, i adore these gorgeous paintings!! You are really soo taleneted! So happy to hear you had a good weekend and have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

i always love reading the stories behind your work...such fun!

Gorgeous as always Sam! I LOVE IT!! hope you had a nice weekend! and thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!

i can never seem to get enough of your sweet birdies. I fell in love with that sweet James and michael in mango.

very sexy one piece, must find out this spring.

so beautiful! the bathing beauty is my favorite!

and i almost didn't make it out of the house yesterday, but i got it in gear and ventured out to go see a museum exhibition. it was worth it! but then again it was good to scuttle back home and relax. :)

lovely new drawing you have, you are on fire. i am such a hermit too at heart. i looove staying in. I can always find stuff to do. So many books to read, movies to watch,things to cook etc etc...hehe. I'm so content at home, almost to the point it scares me...haha.
hope you have a great week!!!

Uh-oh, more beautiful birdies that would like to land on my wall. I love the new drawings! Received my prints, and I love love love them, and thanks for the little surprises too, you are so sweet Sam! It's funny how you described your boy as an "out and about obliging kinda guy" and yourself as "a closet hermit". My husband and I are exactly the same way. He is good for me. ;)

Oh, I love the first piece - the bathing beauty. It is just stunning - very reminiscent of the 1920s. You are an amazing talent, Sam - I absolutely adore your work!! :)

I love them, they are very sweet and these type of special drawing I haven't seen. Somehow the name beautiful bird comes to mind! Have a great time!

lately I've seen so many beautiful drawings (yours too)...and now I miss my drawings, I def should draw something *.^

Oh, I love the eyebrows on your bathing beauty! I would adore to have eyebrows like that. And the cheeky expression on your last little fellow is so adorable.

You sure had a wonderfully productive weekend Sam! I love all of these new pieces!

I'm a closet hermit too! I'd be very happy not ever needing to leave the house :)

that's a pretty daring bathing suit there!
hope you are having a nice weekend :)

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