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January 13, 2010


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The colours of those cushions and sofas look amazing! I love those shades of pink with blue!

Such gorgeous interiors! I aodre the art wall! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to yoU!

sooo pretty. i wouldn't mind if my living space looked like that!

I love all the green. Reminds me of my movie obsession, Great Expectations.

Those pillows look so inviting!


wow, just beautiful. i wouldn't know what to w/myself in these spaces!

sign me up for #2! do it! love it!

The Pucci palazzio is just amazing... like everything in Florence!

The interior of my home looks very much like these images.

... in my dreams ;D

So preeeeeety!
adore the kaleidescope of Kenzo color!

I would love to have that much green all around me...especially this shade and on couches. Its a little too fancy schmacy for my taste, as in I would feel weird chilling watching a movie and glazing on the couch but looks like a great place for a party or some tea. Sticking a few cats in there would make it cozy, I suppose.. ;) Very Elegant, indeed.

That last photo looks so nice and looks like it would be a very inspiring spot to create in.

wow, those are gorgeous -- i like the second room especially ... if only i could afford couches like those!! (and had any place to put them ...!) thanks, sam! :)

oh yes, so beautiful!!

Great images, love them all ;)

i do love that green, at first glance I thought it was the neptune pool at the hearst castle. everything is so ornate here and beautiful. thsnks for the mini field trip.

Your prints would be absolutely perfect in room two.

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