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December 27, 2009


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What gorgeous photos, darling S!
Hope you had a magical Christmas!


The art-deco detailing is fabulous! The meticulous pain work on the towers by the way in is stunning, The arches by the pool are great, the look of the sea (gull, scallop and fish) wonderful. Your fine description of the seafood causes one to salivate, and I am sure the Aussie seafood is fresh and delicious :>)

Happy New Year!

Looks like a fun place! Great photos! Does sound like you had a fun Christmas!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


One of the many many reasons I must visit one day dear Sam! I adore the look and sound of Luna park and your amazing photographs... thank you so much for sharing and for making me completely envious of your Christmas lunch! Yum...♥

What fun shots!

What an amazing place that must be. I am so glad it is being restored in a way that preserves all its quirky art. Thanks for sharing it with us in you wonderful photos!

Thanks too for stopping by at my blog and for your kind comment.

Oh I want to go to Luna Park! These are such fun shots! Your Christmas lunch sounds exactly like mine! Except for the deserts. Your deserts sound much yummier than the triffle and pavlova at my family gathering. And the mangled gingerbread house. Mangled because I dropped it on the way (I was carrying it for relative). I felt so bad! Weeks and weeks of work went into the making of it I was told. But hey, my shortbread cookies were a big hit. I didn't drop those :)

Isn't this rain just the best!?! Yes we have rain here in Brissy also at the moment. Makes our holidays all the more sweeter when not sweating like little piglets :) xo

They don't make 'em like they used to! The details are so great! I especially like the shell and dolphins at the pool. Great shots!

cognac ice cream~ yummmm...droool*
I had crab sandwich earlier today~ seafood glorious seafood indeed!
Great photos Sam, I think the ladies from your illustrations would be very happy in Luna-Luna Land! The colors go so well together no?!
Fabulous weekend darling!
BIG humongous XO back to you~

Looks like a lovely place, and very nice photos;-)Have a nice sunday!

I'm super glad they restored these works of art, they can never be replaced in a child's mind...creepy clown!!!

Looks like an interesting place! Happy new year :)

Hi there,
Nice to know you survive with all the festivities around you. Ah... gained weight? I do and NY not even started yet. A hard life to begin with in 2010 huh?

Is this in Luna Park in St. Kilda? Looks familiar. I was there many times and the last was 5 yrs ago. I always visit Melbourne as my cousin lives in St Yarra & cousins around in Taylor's lake, Clayton.

Cool shots!

Take care and have a joyous NY to come.

Your Xmas feast sounds like the most perfect meal ever.
And the Luna Park looks like fun, so retro.

Wow! Love love love that entrance!! So cool:D Happy New Year!

Love, love the art deco pool photos. What city is this in? Thanks very much, Sara in Seattle

What an amazing building! Wow.

Goodness! Such amazing shots! I have to go to Australia now. It looks like out of a picture book.

I had a perfectly wonderful holiday! I'm glad you did too (your Christmas dinner sounded divine!)

Just looking at the pics is uplifting dear Sam. We also had lots of lovely seafood for Christmas...but that cognac icecream sounds wonderful...I must investigate...

A belated Merry Christmas to you Sam! Your holiday meal sounds absolutely divine (and now I'm craving good seafood which, living 8 hours inland, is tough to come by). Luna Park is quite a fascinating place, no wonder you were enchanted with it as a child, and still are for its architectural and cultural significance. Thanks so much for sharing your fun pics!

That place looks amazing! If it weren't for the people dressed in modern clothes, I bet you could go there and pretend to be hanging around in the 30s. :)

that sounds so yummy!

what a neat place....great photos!

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