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December 29, 2009


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I am in LOVE with Boudoir, darling!


I love that you give your ladies curves! So foxy! ;]

Beautiful Sam!
Love how the parrot is nibling on the necklace...naughty bird! And for the Boudoir, the fact that you don't include a reflection in the mirror~ Adore details like that for me anyway...
Fabulous new week dear~

they are both so beautiful!!

Fantastic! So glam and Nefertiti is so exotic. I love that your ladies are brunettes!

So so gorgeous! I love Nerfertiti with her exotic green parrot.

these are just beautiful! and that sounds like a perfect night out indeed - some day! hope you're having a merry post-christmas and a happy new year!

I hope you're having a fabulous holiday too Sam! Thanks for reading my blog and for all your kind comments this year. New Years is so close now!

I love Queen Nefertiti - isn't she just gorgeous?

Talk soon no doubt!

I love the left picture. The green of the parrot and the feather is wonderful.

These are gorgeous Sam! The pet parrot is a sweet addition. I like your idea of a perfect evening! Sounds great to me! One day maybe...

Keep on enjoying those holidays of yours! xo

oh SAM!!! I just love your Queen Nefertiti!! completely beautiful!!

Both such lovely ladies! The parrot nibbling the necklace is indeed a really great touch and I love that little dress in Boudoir :)

A happy happy new year to you!

These are great! I love the vanity!

These are both gorgeous! :) Hope you have a fun New Year's Eve!

Beautiful new creations dear Sam! I adore the Boudoir especially... ♥

oooh la la, very sexy.

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