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December 14, 2009


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Lucky Hazel to be so gorgeous and have a butterfly to follow her about! All gorgeous as always dear girl...

happy monday to you. i really like the powdery blue/purple you've used in both of these prints. so pretty!
cheers to a new week.

Happy Monday! I wanted to say hello. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead. Cheers!

Hello Sam! Oh Goodness about your eye...Yowch! I hope its better. Gorgeous new prints!
I watched the movie picnic at hanging rock over the weekend, it was taken place in Australia. i'm guessing you probably seen it. It was really interesting and unique and quite whimsy.
Thanks for sharing my blog with the the other cat lovers in your life..hehe..that is so sweet of you. And it made me blush what you said..I can be bashful when complimented..hehe.
Anyhoo this is getting rather long, take care... And have a Great Week!!

I love these two! I am pleased to say I am the proud owner of the Patron Saint of Hummingbirds! Thanks to a certain boy. The framing of it will be very special. I'll send along a pic when it's complete.

That second one is so, so beautiful :) Haha and I really do seem to be intent on posting everything the V&A has to offer right?! Hope you're having a fabulous day.

i love her beautiful rosy cheeks! you make such awesome things!!!!

Lovely illustrations. You have managed to make seagulls look beautiful!

they are lovely as always!

have a great day!

So pretty! I love the bird so much. Gulls are my fave - so feisty!

So sorry to hear about your poor eye! Hope you're completely healed up.

oh love the colours, darling sam!

I love the inclusion of the butterfly in the first piece; and the Sydney seagull is just stunning. Very whimsical and carefree. Love!! :)

Hazel and her friend (and the Seagull!) are so lovely!

I hope your eye is feeling better! That sounds unpleasant. :(

Dear Sam, gorgeous and beautiful new drawings! I really adore Hazel and her friend. :)

Ick so gald all is well now with your eye...musta been a scary experience! Hope your having a wonderful week and love to you!

So great !

i love the powdery effect of your drawings. so pretty!

Thank you for sharing! I love Beck's blog, always a joy to read & admire her gorgeous work...

Love them both!! One day, when I make a million dollars, I will make a wall paper out of your designs. *one day* :)

How ever did you get a twig in your eye? I hope you're ok now...

Check out the pics of my sister's wedding in Paris, I just posted them on my blog...

Lovely! I adore the expression on her face... ♥

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