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December 31, 2009


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This is the prettiest new year's post I've seen, darling!
Thanks for your sweet words... I am so thrilled to have discovered your blog this past year too!

Happy 2010!!


I hope you have a great New Years!

happy new year!!!!


A very happy new year and 2010 to you and yours Sam, we'll be peering over from the other side of the harbour!

Love the SPARkly fireworks Sam!
Stay fabulous in 2010 & beyoooond...
I'm so glad we found each other, thank you for being so lovely & talented as well
~cling* that's our champagne glasses...errr I prefer diet coke to tell you the truth!
BIG HUMONGOUS XO to you darrrling!

ps:I'm working on 'penguin post' soon, must use one of your artwork~ so cute*

Happy New Year dearest Sam♥ You'll be entering 2010 before me :) How does it feel to be living in the future?! Such a dork huh.. sorry! But seriously, wishing you lots of love and all the good things that life holds in the new year. Thank you so much Sam for always being my friend! George sends his love!

Happy New Year! All the best for the new year Sam.

Happy New Year! I hope you've been having a great holiday season. Mine has been wonderful except for my cable modem dying on me. I just did a new post with a big announcement in it. I hope you'll check it out. Thanks. Take care. Have a fantastic holiday weekend. Cheers!

I love the images you picked! Happy New Year!

Such gorgeous pictures!

Happy, Happy New Year my love!! :)

Wishing you a super,amazing,wonderful, stupendous new years! Sorry for my absense of visiting...I haven't been in front of a computer for ages..figured I'd take a rest over the holidays. to rejuvenate if you will.
anyhoos have a splendid evening no matter what you do!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YA! i hope 2010 is even better for you than 2009! enjoy!!!

Happy new year!!! Oh how I love that fire cracker picture.

happy new year sam!!

Such breathtaking always. I hope the new year brings you much happiness Sam!

Happy New year Sam! How lucky you are to be living in Sydney with the best display of NYE fireworks in the world! I've been watching some clips of them this morning and WOW! They were a lot more impressive than the Brissy ones :) Anyway, I hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you and I look forward to all of the wonderful artwork you'll be creating and all of the exciting things you'll be sharing here on your gorgeous blog in the new year! xox

Happy New Year Sam...did you end up seeing the fireworks? They were the best I've seen. We were at Kirribilli. Hope 2010 is the best year yet

Dear sam, those are such gorgeous paintings! Wishing you and yours many beautiful moments in 2010! Love to yoU!

P.S. Am adding you to my blogroll on CC Loves...!


Hi sweet dear, thank you so very much for your wonderfully kind comments recently, they mean a tremendous amount to me.

I truly hope that your year is off to a sparklingly fantastic start, and that each the days that follows will continually be even more amazing for you than the last!

Immensely big hugs & endless joyful wishes,
♥ Jessica

happy new year dear Sam! i hope it is even more wonderful than 2009... :)

edinburgh gets quite 'nutty' on hogmanay too, so we just leaned out the window to see the fireworks! plus it was absolutely freezing, so leaving your warm and cosy house in the middle of the night just to see a few sparkles seemed silly... ;)


I love your Art Deco images! They're so beautiful.
Check out for more Art Deco imagery and articles.

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