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December 11, 2009


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Oh my my how cute are these kitties!!

How adorable...all baby animals are simply too cuuute! I adore Kitty Stampede as well, can't help but have a big smile each time I visit her blog! Wonderful weekend Sam~ xo*
ps: your bf is a keeper!

Looks like even wild kitties like to nibble on the edges of your nice possessions! I can't tell you how many shoes, purses...even student papers, for that matter, get their edges chewed by my cat!
Have a great weekend!

So beautiful and stunning. What an animal. I hope you will have a great weekend. Take care. Cheers!

happy weekend to you! the second photo is my fave. i definitely heart cats but I am in a dog phase of my life right now :)

Oh You...teehee. Thanks Sam for the wonderful mention, I do think you are the sweetest of sweets. :)
Snow Leopards are Gorgeous!!! I'm a fan of the Big Cats Too! I would own one if I could hehe. I would also be like Tarzan if I could, in the jungle, surrounded by animals,lol.
Thanks again.

Have a Superdiduper weekend!!! xoox

snow leopards are definitely the pin up boys of kitties. i watched a documentary once on the elusive cat and it was so intriguing. really beautiful animals.

So cute! And snow leopards do seem the most glamorous of all those lovely felines! I'm going to have to check out Kitty Stampede.

Friday Fur-day? Cute! A bit too warm in these parts to be covered in fur though! Congrats on the feature on the Kitty Stampede blog. I haven't had a look yet but will do so now.

A happy weekend to you Sam!

so adorable!! speaking of -- i showed my mom the bird picture (the others had already gotten hung up on my wall before i left :) ) and she was very impressed. i think the birdie will be a present for a long-time friend who will appreciate it properly :)

it is so cute i do not know what to say!

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